Wainui Bay   –   A Photo Essay



Wainui Bay is magnificent in any light, in any weather, at any time of year.

At dusk it is the gateway to a magical world


Birds talk over the day’s feeding in fresh cold light after a passing storm, as the horizon shimmers through air currents



Shadows close over an un-touched beach



As the light fades, rocks turn to silhouettes



and prepare to greet the night.         But what’s this at the horizon too?



Perhaps a distant ship,       …        and MUSSEL BUOYS !



… And more …



… And more …



And yet more.


In 2001 the Environment Court directed that aquaculture expansion in Golden Bay should be carried out 3 km offshore, where it would be out of sight.  A special temporary exception was allowed for the existing farm in Wainui Bay until 2012, and was subsequently extended until 2024.  Despite the Environment court’s ruling TDC granted an application in 2016 that would effectively have converted the Wainui farm into a permanent operation.  Several parties, including Friends of Golden Bay, successfully appealed that decision in the Environment Court.  So we still have the chance that this magnificent scenery will one day again enjoy its own peace and serenity.

This case goes to the heart of how owners of industry make profits at the expense of our natural world.  Friends of Golden Bay is far from alone in its position.  Here is a quote from Dame Anne Salmond – which we shared with the Environment Court in our second appeal for Wainui.

“So many kiwis are sick and tired of cynicism and greed, lies and spin, and profiteering at the expense of people, land, sea and waterways. It is not just many corporates, but also government itself in New Zealand that is in danger of losing its social right to operate.

It must be past time to draw a line in the sand, and tell our leaders what is unacceptable, and what kind of country we want. It is time to take care of our beautiful land.”


We leave you with the evidence of Craig Potton, well known photographer, publisher and environmental advocate.  (See in particular, his paragraphs 26 onward).

And further details of our case at the Environment Court.