Friends of Golden Bay has a long standing as a group speaking up for our environment in the Bay.


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Water Quality

Water quality is one of the most pervasive issues in NZ today.  Our water quality has declined markedly in recent years, and Golden Bay is no exception.  Golden Bay also has the remarkable Arthur Marble Aquifer, which produces the world’s clearest fresh water.  With that comes the responsibility to look after it.

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Shore Birds

Golden Bay has a rich variety of shore birds, including penguins and the remarkable bar tailed godwits, which migrate to the Yellow Sea and back every year.

Regrettably, many of our shore birds are in decline, with some classed as threatened.  Friends of Golden Bay is raising awareness of the causes – and importantly what can be done to protect the birds.

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Mussel farming in Wainui Bay

Friends of Golden Bay has been to the Environment Court twice to stand up for the beauty, peace and solitude of our outstanding natural landscapes.  We maintain that these should be protected from the noise and clutter of industry.  The Environment Court agreed, so with the present temporary exception of Wainui, the mussel farming industry is operating 3 km off-shore, where it is still profitable and its impact is much less.  There is still pressure from the industry to gain a permanent presence in Wainui.

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Port Tarakohe Development Plan and Draft Business Case Submission

Submitters to the above plan and case were heard on August 7 2019 and are currently being considered.

FoGB presented its concerns about the possible environmental and economic impacts of the proposal and advised a precautionary approach. We suggested further possibilities for development, especially those that could enrich the experience of recreational users, visitors to Golden Bay/Mohua and enhanced research and education opportunities for the existing aquaculture academy. Ownership remaining with TDC is paramount.
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